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Why wholesale murano glass pendants are from China?

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Many customers have been asking us questions: are your murano glass pendants from Italy? Are these pendants original murano glass? Is murano a famous brand that will make me got to trouble when they are checked in custom?

Ok,now let's take a look at what murano glass is.

As you know,murano is the name of the island,near Vinice,Italy,famous for its art glass making tradition. Because of high labor cost,the original murano glass jewelry was expensive and low in quantity. Murano glass jewelry pieces were the high-end. During 1980s,the technique of making murano glass jewelry was introduced to China,mainly in Yancheng city,Jiangsu province. As China has a long history of handcraft making,murano style glass jewelry making has been developing fast. China craftsmen soon managed the traditional murano glass making techniques,like:MILLEFIORI,LATTIMO,GHIACCIO,FILIGRANA,FENICIO,CRISTALLO,BULLICANTE,... etc.

original murano island glass art

And in China,orient elements were also added into glass jewelry making. like the animal shape,flower inside. Like this one:
sea turtle murano glass pendants wholesale

Thanks to abundant labor force and high skill here,China became the center of murano lampwork glass jewelry making. Even some Italian top luxurious brands are placing murano glass jewelry order to China factory,and they keep coming back for the great quality and fast delivery. I cannot tell you who they are,as it's a business secret.:-)

So now you understand why you found this large collection of murano glass jewelry at this low price! ShiningStory direct work with local glass jewelry workshops,no middle cost,and we can bring you the latest design fast!

Don't worry about the brand,murano is not a brand,murano glass now mean a style of glass making. ShiningStory only sell unbranded jewelry,and protect you never got problem with copy right.