ShiningStory Fashion Jewelry Wholesale
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after answering the questions

    Have you found the jewelry you want here?
  • Yes, I've got them here, and want to buy.
  • Not yet, I'm looking for

    How will you be happier about the jewelry and price here?
  • I'm happy with them they are beautiful and cheap!
  • I love the jewelry, but hope them be cheaper.
  • Price is great, but I hope to see more beautiful designs.

    Do you prefer order jewelry together with gift box?
  • Yes, that'll be more convenient for me.
  • No, I'd like to order them separately.

    Could you let us know more about you?
  • I'm running a phicial store.
  • I'm selling online.
  • I'm buying for myself or as gifts, I'm not selling them.

    What concerns could we help you work out?
  • I need more details about products feature(Like material, size, or color)
  • I need know exactly the shipping time and cost.
  • I need make sure the products looks exactly like pictures.

    Besides us, where else do you consider buying from?
  • I go to local wholesale market
  • I order online.
  • I've just started sourcing.

    How could we help you buying easier and happier here?

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