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Order fashion jewelry from China,dos and don'ts

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So you've decided begin to buy wholesale fashion jewelry from China directly? Don't jump in that fast. Here are some important tips,that will help you started easier and get less trouble.

4 things you need do carefully

  1. Do your homework carefully when sourcing wholesale jewelry. Study the reviews their customers give,make comparison before you place order.
  2. If you are ordering wholesale direct from China,then it's import. Check about the import duty that you may need pay. If you are buying for your retail store,usually there's no need to pay any import duty. But you'd better make everything first.
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  3. Do calculate enough time for shipping. Buy wholesale jewelry from China,shipping time is longer than your local wholesalers,airmail service usually take 2-3 weeks,and courier like DHL also need 5-7 days. So when you buying for Christmas,or some special events,contact seller and calculate shipping time first!
  4. Place a trail order before you buy bulk goods. When you are just begin to do business with an international seller,trail order is a must. So you can test the products quality and service. Don't worry,a good wholesaler is usually happy to provide trail order,or give very low MOQ,as they got confidence.

And there is one thing,you should never do:
Never buy replicas! Don't try your luck to buy branded fashion jewelry from China wholesaler. 99% you will get fake items. You'll not only get disappointed by the fake jewelry,but will also get serious punishment.
no fake items