ShiningStory Fashion Jewelry Wholesale

Supply low price fashion jewelry with great design and quality

-- what we can learn from IKEA

(Author: Alissa from

For both customers and sellers,the best fashion jewelry should be beautiful and stylish,good quality,and easily afford. When customers are happy buying what they want,our sellers are happy too,we make good sale!
To make products the way customers love to buy,and cheap,IKEA is a great example. Low price doesn't mean poor quality,ugly design. But low price is considered in the whole process of design,manufacturing,and selling.

Here we want to share two of our methods,to make ShiningStory's jewelry cheaper but even more beautiful.

  1. Know what customers love,and re-design our jewelry.
    Here is the original rhinestone glitter ball beads macrame bracelet:
    Macrame disco ball pave beads bracelets jewelry armband

    And we found that many customers love crystal,and pearl,glass beads,why not make some pearl beads and crystal beads macrame bracelets? Then we create a new collection of pearl and crystal beads macrame bracelets. They are absolutely beautiful,and the good news is: imitated pearls and crystal beads are much cheaper than disco ball pave beads,so those new macrame bracelets are much cheaper than classic glitter ball macrame. Those bracelets became best-sellers!
    Disco ball pave beads and pearl macrame bracelets white cord

  2. Study the feature of different material,and use the economic material to create best effect.

    Antique style jewelry has become popular in recent years,especially antique silver and antique copper necklaces are quite hot. And we found plated zincic alloy can be great substitute. Same texture,color,and shine. And the good news is it is plated layer is sustainable! It is resilient against sweat and oxygen. By changing the material,we reduced 1/3 - 1/2 of the price,and get exactly the same look!
    Fat night owl antique long chain pendants necklaces