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How to take picture for your online jewelry store

(Author: Alissa from

Many customers have been asking us questions about how to take beautiful jewelry pictures. "How can I take jewelry pictures sharply" "How can I eliminate the ugly refection" "why the pictures look dull,how can I make them bright?"

OK,now here let's share some useful and simple tips of how to take jewelry pictures. After you do the following tips,you'll get pictures of the same quality as jewelry pictures on ShiningStory website.

  1. Camara: Professional SLR(Single Lens Reflex) is great,but it's not a must. Your DC in hand also can do a good job!
  2. The source of light: Natural sun light is always the best,suitable time to take pictures is around 9 am and 4 pm. If you got many jewelry pieces,and don't want limited by weather and time. Your reading lamp will do the job.
  3. Light box: It will help you eliminate the ugly shadows! And you can make it yourself!
    light box for jewelry picture
  4. Camara stand (tripod) : This is a must-have item,that can provide you the sharpest jewelry pictures. When taking jewelry pictures,exposure time is long,camera stand will guarantee the stability during exposure time. Go for the basic tripod,the expensive ones are for professional photographers. :-)
  5. Create a great background for your jewelry pieces. Yes,you can add personal style into your pictures,and make it unique! Consider flower,antique jewelry box of your private collection,scarf,sea shells... Just Release your imagination and try

Here are 2 simple examples of our backgrounds for jewelry

  1. Pine tree leaves behind Santa Clause Murano glass pendant,to create a Christmas atmosphere.
    christmas murano glass pendants
  2. Jewelry box behind the pocket watch necklace,the fine ceramic is a nice setoff for the antique style openwork butterfly.
    butterfly pocket watch pendant necklace

Are those too complicated or time consuming?
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