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How to find legit jewelry wholesale online,and avoid scammers

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We've been asked a funny question many times by our website visitors,"I want to order jewelry from your site,but the price is so low that I'm afraid it's a scam,are you a legit company? " "I found your website by Google,and haven't ordered from you,is your company legit or scam?"...

Then how shall I answer? Yes ShiningStory is of course a legit company,wholesale fashion jewelry for years,but no scammers would say they are not legit,right?

OK,I'll share some useful and simple tips on how to judge a wholesale website is legit or not. Those tips are based on my own experience from wholesale supplier side.

  1. Content of the wholesale website. Take fashion jewelry wholesalers for example,are their jewelry collections well organized? Do they offer various choice? Are there detailed product descriptions? How are their jewelry pictures quality?
    Scammers usually only offer the most popular items,without much words. They don't want to spend too much time to complete a full collection,they prefer make money fast,give up the website,and begin a new one.
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  2. Price. Is their price reasonable? There are some legit fashion jewelry wholesale website offer much lower price than your local supplier,like ShiningStory. But you need find out why they are selling cheap? Take ShiningStory as example,as we directly work with China jewelry factory,this is reasonable. And,there's usually some disadvantage or restriction together with low price. Some require high MOQs,and if you order with us,you'll need to wait 7 days or more as your jewelry order is shipping from China. If you got a wholesale website provide gorgeous item,fast delivery,amazing price,and no MOQ restriction. It's a dangerous reminder.
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  3. Brand. You need be extremely careful,when you got a website selling branded jewelry cheaply. Famous jewelry brands have their own distribution,and pricing system. They usually don't wholesale online. If you got a website wholesale Pando**,Shamba**,?at a low price,be careful,they are very likely selling replicas. Don't buy wholesale replicas,the punishment is serious.
  4. After checking the above points,congratulations,you've excluded most scam sites. If you still feel unsure,then you can ask Google. Search these terms " scam" " fraud",and study the comments. If you didn't find any bad news,then it's a good signal. As no news is good news.
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Have you got an idea how to find a good wholesale supplier online? Do you also have some more tips? Share with us!