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How to find a good fashion jewelry wholesaler for your new store

5 things to check before you place order

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Fashion jewelry is a good choice when we thinking start a small business ourselves. Small investment and good profit,what's more important,we love the beautiful shining stuff! The very first thing to do is to find a supplier supply jewelry for your new store.

As we've been a fashion jewelry wholesaler for years,we can see this industry clearly from supplier view point. Here we share some useful tips to help you find a good wholesale supplier.

  1. Design and quality. When you find one supplier has the jewelry you like,don't hurry to buy,check carefully their products series,and the design ability. Do their jewelry collection well organized? How often do they release new designs? Find a jewelry wholesale offer complete collection,and often update new designs,then you would expand your business easy and fast.
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  2. Is the supplier's business steady?
    You need concentrate on marketing and selling,so a steady wholesale supplier is really needed! Check how long have they been doing fashion jewelry wholesale,and do they committed to run this business in long term? It is a disaster that,after you start making good sales of their jewelry,they disappear,or make big change on their products series.
  3. Do they have good capacity?
    You business will grow,and you'll need your suppliers' support. Do they hold large regular jewelry stock? How long is their restock time? Do they have close corporation with jewelry factory? During high time like Christmas season,your customer will not be patient,so a supplier with good capacity will help you make you customers happy and also make money!
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  4. Price. Of course the lower wholesale price we get,the bigger profit are left to us. Try to find the supplier closer to manufacturer. The less middle cost,less cost will be added to the wholesale price you need pay. There are some factory direct wholesale online,they usually offer better price than distributors. Try this
  5. Minimum order quantity (MOQ) When you just start a fashion jewelry retail business,you'd better not to stock too much. Wholesalers have requirement on order quantity,because they only sell to business not to consumer. Do your supplier offer low minimum quantity? Do they offer assorted options?

Follow these 5 guidelines,and do you also have some tips of your own? Share with us!
wish you find a great supplier,and your new jewelry retail business successful!
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