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Why order wholesale fashion jewelry directly from China?

5 remarkable advantages you'll get

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In the past,retailers usually buy wholesale from local or domestic suppliers. And most fashion jewelry wholesale suppliers import from China. And in recent years,as order online becoming convenient,more and more retailers has begun to buy direct from China supplier. Have you tried already? If you don't try,your competitors will!
Here are the advantages you'll get,if you buy wholesale for your store from China.

  1. You'll get more choice,and at earlier time than your local suppliers.
    As China is the major place manufacturing fashion jewelry,you can find any style you could imagine. And as they are shown online,usually you can order the new designs earlier than your local suppliers,as their stock need wait one month or more to arrive by sea.
    china jewelry factory
  2. Their capacity will help you grow. Your business will grow,during high season,special promotion,you need a supplier that can deliver you big order fast. Only manufacturers can do that,and most China wholesalers are manufacturers.
    large regular stock
  3. Make your own designs. After you know your customers enough,you'll have some idea of your own. Work with direct manufacturer is the best way to have your own design jewelry. Manufacturers are experienced with technique,material,accessories...etc. They are the most helpful partners,and make your own designs at factory price! Where are most fashion jewelry manufacturers located? China of course.
    Handcrafted original jewelry design
  4. Competitive Price. Don't get surprised,if you find a China wholesaler offer half the price you have paid. If you direct buy fashion jewelry from China,you can cut off all the middle cost. Like ShiningStory,you can order jewelry at China wholesale price.
  5. Convenient door to door deliver. As jewelry is light in weight,easy and cheap to send by courier,like DHL,Fedex,UPS. And courier will handle all the paper work in custom. You only need place order to your supplier,and wait your goods deliver to your door.

Time to go now,start place order to China wholesale,and enjoy all the benefits! If you don't,your competitors will!