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5 ways to find a professional fashion jewelry wholesaler for your store

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Last article,we've talked about how to tell a wholesale supplier is good or not. But how to find them? Here I'll share where to find professional fashion jewelry wholesale supplier for your business.

  1. Go to jewelry trade fair. Trade fair is where jewelry manufacturers,designers,packages suppliers,material suppliers,media,and retailers get together. It's not only a good place to find supplier,but you can also get the latest trend in fashion jewelry business. You don't need go to the biggest events in New York or Hongkong,find a smaller jewelry show near your place is also nice.
    fashion jewelry trade fair
  2. Find supplier online. Google of course is the most convenient,but you should also search jewelry directories and wholesale directories,some are paid,but some free directories also got useful information. Read the supplier reviews carefully,learn by other people's mistake,not yours.:-) Some international supplier are great choice,they offer products different than your area,and some factory supplier in China offer factory price. They could help you make your store unique and competitive.
    online jewelry wholesale directory
  3. Go to local wholesale market. Local wholesale market is also a great choice,they are close,so you can easily get help
    yiwu jewelry wholesale market
  4. Use industry magazine and yellow book,this is the traditional way. Anyway,some of the info may be out of date,you need contact the suppliers to confirm the listed information.
    jewelry trade yellow pages
And what method are you using? Go to ShiningStory fashion jewelry wholesale online,and get what you are looking for.