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How to choose the best selling jewelry for your new store?

(Author: Alissa from

We are always looking for the jewelry selling fast,and it may not be easy when you just begin in this business. After wholesale fashion jewelry for 2 years,I've concluded useful tips here from our own experience.

First,put your feet into your customers' shoes. The best of us,are likely to make a mistake: ordering jewelry for our own taste. Sometimes,we love the same jewelry with our customer,but many times,NOT. There was an example. In 2011 spring,we received a new heart shape murano glass pendant from our factory,technically it is really amazing nice heart pendant,perfect shape,brilliant golden shine,and very delicate flower pattern,you can see the picture here:
heart glitter murano glass pendant wholesale

We are confident it would become our hot selling products. But,most of those become dead stock! After asking some returning customers,they told us the truth,"yes,they are beautiful,but they are not easy to match clothes! I'm just looking for something to wear,not artwork to collect." It was a lesson that,customers are not only buying jewelry perfect or artistic,but also want something they need or want.

And there is another murano glass pendant,a fun dog head. According to us,it's ugly stuff,but it became one of our best-seller! Customers keep buying it for their children,and it's popular around people who love dogs.
funny dog murano glass pendant wholesale

So how to know what customers want?

There are some useful guidelines:
  1. Color of the jewelry pieces: who are your major customers? If you are selling to young girls,consider pink,lavender,light blue. And the current popular color is also need be added,plus the classic black and white. You'll get a collection of colors that hot selling.
  2. Theme: there are some shape always popular: heart,angle,wings,gift box,skull,butterfly,,...etc. Don't think they are unfashionable,there are always some people want jewelry on those classic themes! And keep an eye of what's popular around your customers. Peacock,eye-glass,night owl... Those have been popular recently,which was not noticed before.
  3. Price: The middle range usually sells best. High end jewelry make big profit,and not selling a lot,everyone agrees. Believe or not,the cheapest jewelry in a series also not selling much. But you'd better still have some cheap staff in hand,they can be great setoff for the jewelry that really sells. :-)
    This pearl macrame bracelet sells better than the similar cheapest crystal bracelets,also better than the classic glitter ball beads macrame.
    pearl macrame bracelets wholesale

How do you think? Share with us your experiences,show us how you make good sale!